Fetish for you

You were a beautiful lie that I dreamt of every night…
Your spectre was my obsession
You grew in my contemplation
You assassinated my conscience again and again…
You ran into my soul and made me feel everlasting
You mingled in my blood , made it holy
the impalpable kiss
the hasty heartbeats
the timeless warmth
Perhaps you were just my heinous utopia
You existed in my thoughts
n’ died in my imagination…

_._.Fetish For You._._

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The Purple Carrots

Rare, weird & outlandish peeps, you are always amazing 😉
-(the world transformers)

Let’s talk about something, the world doesn’t talk about,

The unusual and outlandish.

Demolish the limitations, prejudices & stereotypes holding us back;

Let’s change our perspectives.

Let’s wake up before the world rises,

Smile before the sky.

Let’s talk about the mysteries;

Which are not discovered yet.

Let’s develop the courage to speak what is right,

And fight against the erroneous.

Let’s make opinions about the subjects ourselves;

Then accepting what is told by others.

Let’s do something different,

And make each day startling.

Let’s dance wildly without being thoughtful;

And sing without hiding.

Let’s talk about the beauty and elegance of fugly,

And appreciate the darkest nights.

Let’s talk about love, solitude and happiness;

And learn from a parallel tribe.

Let’s share what we feel, think and desire,

And communicate beyond words.

Let’s live each day as if it is first;

And see the world with curious eyes….


Accustomed to Darkness, I fear light….

And then, that cold-blooded officer with spectacled eyes rolled his chair , lifted his head …..

Officer: Well! sorry WALTER, we see no change in you.

Walter: What change are you talking about? “Being not a criminal, I still apologized and became a liar. Being not a frail person, you gave me this tasteless food, I became a flesh without fire. Being not furious, you beat me so much , I became full of hatred & a man without desire.” And you bastards say you see no change????

This was Walter Stunt. Or more briefly, No. 707. Age-51. Behind the bars for 30 years for the crime he didn’t commit. “I didn’t kill my sister. Please someone tell her I love her very much……please…someone……” he would repeat again & again in his outbursts, to his only companions The Walls Of The Prison.

Gradually, as years passed, he got used to the silence & darkness of his surroundings. Deprived of music, art, love, nature and dance , his soul become almost dead though he being alive.He turned into a absolutely emotionless person who would neither laugh at the funniest joke nor weep at his darkest hour. Where people like us suffer from depression & sadness, he himself became the one.

a depressed man………….

Sitting on the floor for long hours , he would wonder, “Is there anything worst than a wasted time?Anything more painful than remaining idle for years ?”For a person who has suffered the state of being idle only knows how mortifying it is to spend each day without having any work to do , and every night without having any purpose for tomorrow.

“”If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.” , The Bible said. And getting out of the prison?, he would enquire. For the one who has become feeling & emotionless, the divine lines of Bible are mere words that have no sense…

“HOPE is a mysterious thing . For some, it is a source of encouragement, an expectation of a better future. While for some others, it is a beautiful lie that compels them to not believe in reality , that compels them to expect what is not going to happen.Sometimes, hope can drive a man insane.”

After spending almost 40 years of his life in prison, he finally heard the statement “You Are Rescued”…Was he happy? Perhaps not at all.

“These walls are funny. First you hate ’em, then you get used to ’em. Enough time passes, you get so depend on them. That’s institutionalized.” -The Shawshank Redemption

The sunshine hit him harder than the baton. Bright colors made him depressed. Scenario of a mother loving her 2 year old kid shocked him. The world appeared new & strange. He felt uncomfortable in his newly acquired lively environment. He felt himself unwanted.

The 100 dollars in his pocket felt heavy(given by govt. due to old age).Things outside were more than the inside. He felt emptiness & nothingness residing in him. Somehow, a week passed. ‘I can’t do anymore’, with a shaky voice he said. “It’s better to die, when living a life becomes a mere formality”, he cried……Hence, the world finally became empty of the emptiness.

(What are prisons? These are the great transformers of people from bad to the worst. Punishment should be given to improve the person. But what happens in the reality, remains neglected by the law. Being treated like animals , people start behaving like them.How many more innocents will be declared criminals by law? How many more criminals are in the line of becoming devils?)

INSOMNIA: Never really asleep , nor really awake

This is insomniac me. A little less than drunk…

It's not the days that tire me;
But the nights......

In which you have to struggle to get a good sleep.
And not even good, but merely sleep.

Where even after a hard day's work
and physical exhaustion, 

You are just left to open your eyes
up at night,
Stare at the ceiling or apply some tactics
wishing good sleep and good dreams.

You are left with mere thoughts &
confusion in your mind at nights.

Again waking up with those
bloody red eyes.

Again forced up to do 16 hours of
tedious & tiresome work.

Loosing all interest & motivation....

And that depression
Well to some, it appears like you are in love.
But this insomnia really kills me....
In it you are never really asleep , nor really awake.

Well GOOD NIGHT! Let's try another night.....

With hope: