Tinge Of Love

Underneath every cell of my existence,
There lies a tinge of love, for you.
That pricks me as sharp as a thorn would ever do.
It arouses in me the lost belongingness,
I felt sometime ago.
And makes me sick of the disease,
I would never know.
Your aversion for me grows day by day.
And I hate myself even more for the love
That is fading away…
The separation has fallen upon us like a rusted ornament
The ornament which used to shine,
very brightly one moment…
It kills me when I see myself through the eyes of you.
But the tinge of love though pricks me,
keeps me alive too…
Searching you in depths of my veins has made me a lost being.
Though you hate me,
But my love for you is everlasting…



I was whole until you came
And made me feel hollow.
A little less of me, was replaced by your flow..
You wounded me a hundred times;
And made me bleed on the angels
They suffered from the malady, which originated in me..
And I curse myself for the weeds, I allowed to grow in my soul;
they should have been plucked as they now,
retard my growth..
A time came when I almost lost my existence;
For I cherished the sham world and ignored the real me..
You were a demon jealously,
who shattered the moments of ecstacy.
I spit on you and throw you back
For your absence makes me understand love & feel freeā€¦

When I look into the mirror…

And, when I look myself into the mirror,
I see shattered pieces
The broken parts
that can never be repaired.
Even if I dress up to the brightest & the loveliest,
The eyes never cooperate
They do reveal everything, and every single thing,

that wasn't meant to be disclosed.
The mirror understands me, I feel.
And the other day, I woke up with those heavy unslept eyes,
I met somebody.
He said-"Don't try to hide or lie. B'coz your eyes speak in volumes."
And I couldn't help but inquire,
Then why doesn't everybody apprehend
s this language?